Le Beaujolais Nouveau est arrivé!

We had a very special event last week at the restaurant. Pelayo Gastro Trinquet was one of the venues to celebrate the worldwide coming of the most famous french young wine.

It was on Thursdat the 15th and it happened at more than 120 contries, and each one did it its way. In France parties took over streets, but in Japan they were literaly flooded with wine. Tokyoites went to a spa for a “wine bath”!

Photo: Franck Robichon (EFE)

Here you have some pictures of our party at Pelayo Gastro Trinquet. You can see all of them on Instagram 🙂 Do you have any celebration in mind and you’re still hesitant about the venue? Please contact us on info@pelayogastrotrinquet.es and we’ll please to help you out.